Cart noodles rose to fame in Hong Kong in the 1950s when hawkers would roam the streets and sell food out of a cart assembled out of wood and metallic basins. These street vendors would specialize in cooked noodles with an assortment of toppings and sauces. Cart noodles were referred to as the common man's food as it was cheap but substantiated with large quantities of noodles. Fast forward to today, this dish is now dubbed as a trendy street food that is easily accessible. Apart from its affordability, cart noodles are especially popular due to simple yet delicious flavours and can even be found in higher-end establishments.

At Legendary Cart Noodles, diners can expect a cart noodles experience just like the one in Hong Kong where dining is no frills, straightforward and fuss-free. Customers simply order and create their own delicious bowl by selecting their preferred type of noodles, toppings, and sauces. It is then paired with a delicious, flavourful broth. Helming the kitchen are the same Hong Kong Master Chefs at Legendary Hong Kong and certain ingredients are specially imported from Hong Kong to ensure customers a taste of authenticity.