Bio of chef for roasted duck & meat concept store (九如烧腊)
Name: Siu Chin Ho 萧展豪
Age: 40

Master Chef Siu Chin Ho started his culinary career at the young age of 15 and has specialised in roast meats for 25 years.

He worked at Cha Caan Teng restaurants before bringing authentic Hong Kong style roast duck and meats to Bangkok, where he worked for 6 years. To ensure quality in his roast, Chef Siu pays special attention not only to the source and quality of the meats.

According to him, the changing climate drastically affects the flavour and texture of the meats and as a result, he adapts his recipes accordingly to ensure perfection in every dish.

In Singapore, he spent hours on each recipe, experimenting with up to 20 different kinds of meats, adjusting sauces and cooking methods before he found the perfect combination that met his exacting standards. Chef Siu also opted to use Grade A Silver Hill Farms ducks imported from Ireland that are fed on high quality corn and de-feathered by hand, ensuring succulent meat with no bruises. Legendary Hong Kong is currently the only restaurant to be serving this prized duck in Singapore.

* Legendary Hong Kong uses Grade A ducks imported from Ireland, where the ducks are bred in cold climate, fed on high quality corn and de-feathered by hand, ensuring succulent meat with no bruises. These ducks are also found all over Europe, especially in London in the best Chinese restaurants. Legendary Hong Kong has signed an exclusive contract with the farm exporting these Grade A ducks.

Bio of chef for noodle & congee concept store (香港粥面)
Name: Ho Yum何 鑫
Age: 60

Originally from Fujian, Chef Ho Yum has 37 years' experience in the art of noodle making.

For over a decade, Chef Ho mentored under a highly acclaimed noodle champion who helmed the now-defunct Five Dragon Restaurant in Hong Kong, before moving on to several well-established Chinese eateries, including the Michelin-starred MAK's noodles.

Chef Ho takes great care in crafting each and every component in his dishes, particularly his signature wonton noodles. The soup for his wonton noodles uses a special blend of herbs such as wolfberries and "luo han guo", which flavours the rich pork broth and gives it its delicious fragrance and natural intensity.

Besides the soup, Chef Ho also insists on preparing the traditional shrimp wonton using his personal painstaking technique of constantly introducing oxygen into the water while rinsing fresh prawns, a trick that he believes ensures a natural crisp texture when the prawns are cooked.

Congee Master Chef
Name: Tam Wan Kow 譚穩球
Age: 57

Master Chef Tam Wan Kow began his career at Hung Hei Lau Restaurant in 1973 and has 42 years of experience in the kitchen. He started training in basic food preparation and learned everything from precise and delicate slicing to garnishing and presentation in the 7 years he was at the restaurant. This resulted in an ultimate respect and understanding for the way ingredients should be handled.

He places great importance in sourcing quality produce for the authentic Hong Kong Noodles and congee he creates and has spent 14 years mastering the art of congee and noodle-making. Chef Tam, more specifically, specialized and trained in boiled congee. One of his signature dishes is his Congee with Century Egg and Shredded Pork. Using rice from Europe, Chef Tam cooks the congee on the highest temperature for 3 hours. The rice needs to be painstakingly stirred every 15 minutes to achieve the perfect consistency. The pork is slow cooked for 3 hours before being seasoned with salt, pepper and rice wine. It is then shredded and added to the mixture with every order.

Bio of chef for Dim Sum concept store (龙凤茶居)
Name: Wang Wen Biao 王文标
Age: 46

Been a Dim Sum chef for 22 years and held managerial positions Experienced in preparing Dim Sum for various 5-star hotels like Shangri-La Hotel in Shen Zhen and Wu Zhou Da Jiu Dian in Hang Zhou.

Bio of chef for Bing Sat (白宫冰室)
Drinks (水吧)
Name: Lo Chi Man 羅治民
Age: 54

Lo Chi Man first started work at the age of 17 in an outlet in Tsim Tsa Tsui serving popular street food. He was a manager for 8 years before moving on to Joyful Café, a coffee and tea chain, where he oversaw the restaurant for 7 years.

Lo was personally chosen and singled out by the owners of Legendary Hong Kong for his excellent tea brewing skills. According to him, the perfect blend is a mixture of four different tea leaves that need to be mixed by hand. A specific ratio of each type of tea leaf reveals the true quality of the blend. To Lo, the authentic flavour of Hong Kong tea also lies in a bitter-sweet aftertaste that could not be found in any of the Singapore tea blends he sampled. Therefore, Lo has chosen to blend his own tea in Hong Kong and import it directly for the restaurant.

Lo's precision and care extends to the methods of brewing tea for both hot and cold drinks. To him, even the proportion of milk needs to be managed and differs in accordance with the drink's temperature.

Traditional Bread and Tarts Master Chef
Name: Lee Yong Lin 李勇林
Age: 36

Master Chef Lee Yong Lin has trained in the art of pastry and bread making for 15 years. He worked with the renowned Crystal Jade chain of bakeries and now leads a team committed to handcrafted pastries of the highest quality at Legendary Hong Kong.

Well-loved for his traditional 'Custard Crust Bun with Butter', Chef Lee has experimented further to reveal a new version of this bun filled with a rich salted egg yolk. Bread and pastries are carefully prepared in small batches and baked to order throughout the day to ensure optimum flavour and freshness.

Dim Sum Master Chef
Name: Ko Che Fai 李勇林
Age: 60

Dim Sum Master Chef Ko Che Fai has extensive experience working in international five star restaurants and is fluent in English, Japanese, Mandarin and Cantonese. He started his career in 1972 at the Golden Crown Restaurant in Hong Kong where he remained as their Dim Sum Chef for 10 years. He spent 14 years cooking in various cities in Japan- the most notable being at the Grand Hyatt in Fukuoka. In May 1997, Chef Ko moved to Bandung, Indonesia to be part of the opening team for the Chinese Restaurant at the Hyatt Regency. He also helped with the pre-opening of the Chinese Restaurant at the renowned Peninsula Hotel, Bangkok from September 1998 to November 1990. After two and half years of being a Chief Dim Sum Chef at Hong Kong's W Hotel, Chef Ko moved to London to join the China Club Group before arriving in Singapore to head up Crystal Jade Palace Restaurant as their Chief Dim Sum Chef.

Chef Ko believes that good dim sum lies in precision and good technique. Each measurement has to be to the exact decimal. Chef Ko's Steamed Shrimp Dumplings are the mark of a skilled Master Chef. Using flour specially sourced from Hong Kong, Chef Ko creates a dough and rolls it wafer thin before filling the dumplings with fresh shrimp and bamboo shoots. Pork fat is added for fragrance and flavor.

He insists on making as much as he can by hand. This includes his very own homemade soy sauce to pair with Legendary Hong Kong's signature Rice Flour Roll with Deep- Fried Shrimp Spring Rolls.